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Hair is at the root of our self confidence

Our hair is so important. It feeds our self-confidence, defines who we are and how we feel. Have a bad hair day, have a bad day. Have a good hair day have a great day. There is no one that would ever say "I want bad hair".

Hair challenges are all too common. Most men and women will experience some form of significant hair loss during their lifetime and this can have a profound effect on self-esteem, with over 40% of those suffering from hair loss losing confidence and one in three suffering from depression.

Hair Growth

Maria's inspirational story

Biotech CEO Maria Halasz had been personally affected by hair loss after she turned 40 and her hair started to thin out. As a scientist, Maria searched for solutions for hair loss, but began to lose hope after trying everything without any success. Serendipitously, on a trip to Japan, Maria encountered technology based on blocking a protein called FGF5 by using naturally sourced ingredients.

Initially impressed with the science, Maria started using the FGF5 blocking products. After a few months, the total hair transformation that she achieved was so impressive she acquired the company. évolis was born shortly after.

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The évolis story

USC scientists discover FGF5 gene, proven to be a crucial regulator of hair growth.


Japanese scientists initiate research into controlling FGF5 and its impact on hair.


Advangen Inc (Japan) releases its first botanical formulation that inhibit FGF5 by launching Lexilis.


Cellmid acquires Advangen Inc, develops évolis products for global markets. In 2014 Columbia University confirms FGF5 is critical for hair growth in humans.


USA clinical study results released with 82% reduction in hair loss and 44% increase in the rate of growing hair follicles.


évolis Professional reached the US through partnership with premium retailer Neiman Marcus


Do you want ageless, beautiful hair? well, you're not alone:


men and women are suffering
from hair loss in the USA alone


the average age your hair starts changing: density and overall health

of men

will experience significant hair loss
by the age of 50

of women

will experience a significant hair
challenge before the age of 35

évolis – Hair biology for your best hair

By tapping into the powerful FGF5 blocking technology combined with natural botanical extracts and revolutionary formulations, évolis has been developed to deliver longer, stronger, healthier, thick hair that is touchable, with lustrous shine and effortless control. évolis is the first range on the market based on strong science backed by real studies on real people showing real results.

évolis is the culmination of over 10 years of dedicated research into hair growth and hair biology. By unlocking the secrets of the hair cycle our scientists have delivered the first and only solutions for hair loss and thinning that go to the root of all hair challenges by addressing hair follicle biology.

Blocking FGF5 can deliver your best hair

Hair growth, health and quality are determined by the hair life cycle. Hair loss, hair thinning and hair challenges occur when the hair cycle becomes imbalanced resulting in shorter growth periods, more hair fall and thinning, poor quality hair.

FGF5 is a key player in the hair cycle. Its only role is to signal hair to stop growing. More FGF5 means shorter growth phases, slower growth, more hair fall and thinner poor quality hair.

Blocking FGF5 allows you to take control of the hair cycle by extending the growth phase resulting in more hair growing, less hair resting, and longer, stronger, thicker, healthier hair.

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Hair Biology: Real science with real results

Scientists have been seeking solutions to hair cycle shortening for many years. The discovery of FGF5, the key hair cycle stop signal, led our scientists to their unique pursuit of FGF5 blockers to deliver solutions to hair challenges, hair loss and thinning.

Instead of developing synthetic compounds, we looked in nature.

It took over 10 years of dedicated research and screening of thousands of plants to discover the perfect blend of FGF5 inhibitors. We have clinically and dermatologically tested our formulas to ensure maximum performance, backed by strong science with scientifically validated results.

Stopping FGF5 is the key to unlocking your best hair

Hair Cycle

Extending the Hair Life Cycle

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Bring back your best hair: Unique, scientifically proven,
natural solutions for youthful hair

Real People, Real Results

Our system was used on men and women of various ages with various hair challenges over 120 days.

Photos have not been altered through digital technologies, styling equipment or angles.

All images are of individuals who styled their own hair the same way in the before and after photos, under supervision but without assistance.

No monetary incentive was given to participating individuals.

Powerful FGF5 blocking ingredients found in nature

Our quest for solutions to hair cycle dysfunction led us to search for FGF5 blocking ingredients in nature. Scientists at heart, we use cutting edge technology to identify only the most potent FGF5 blocking natural extracts.

We tested over 2000 botanicals and finally found the perfect blend of natural actives, working together to fight FGF5.

Every évolis product contains the patented blend of botanicals combined into unique formulations to treat hair from root to tip.

This fruit extract from the Japanese Rose is a potent FGF5 blocker. It has a soft, clean fragrance that is appealing to both men and women.

Rosa multiflora

Commonly known as the Great Burnet, this wildflower can be found in the fields of Europe. This root extract is a key component in the évolis FGF5 inhibitor blend

Sanguisorba officinalis

Traditionally used in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, this extract is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound. It helps to maintain the health of the follicles and scalp.

Swertia chiratra